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Jessica Wakefield in the Flesh

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

So, at first glance all you can really say is a resounding WOW. But let me just remind you that I did give a few hints a few paces back as to how the “just cute and pretty” twin sister, that we’ve grown to love in that wholesome TV series (Sweet Valley High), will turn out. A mix of fashion, boys, and gossip would almost always equal to a rather sweet disaster that will totally make one popular. And that is what Brittany Daniel, your Jessica Wakefield, is made of. Trust me.

Here are the photos, living proofs of how well her role in that TV series molded her into who she really is. A rebellious sex kitten exploring the off-cam whore in her. Spreading her legs to reveal that fresh and juicy heaven, cheering practices taught her how to keep it tight, making your stiff rods go weeee! Oftentimes it helps a little more when she practice moves with, none other than, a football lover. This, of course, gives her pleasure more than anything — with her boytoy’s hard dick so worked up from all the runnin’ and bumpin’ — save all the grinding and humping for Brittany though. She can’t wipe that naughty smile on her face even as she’s being banged mercilessly, struggling to keep us guessing why she is just the biggest tease in Sweet Valley. You know you can’t get enough of her now. Click here for a ton more of Brittany Daniel Nude.