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Brittany Daniel Bondage Escapades

Thursday, April 22nd, 2015

Brittany Daniel‘s got a new sex hobby, and no it isn’t sucking cocks, that was last year’s phase.  Now Brittany’s into something more satisfying, something that can really get the juices flowing and even something that involves a little role-playing.  And where else can she find that except in the bondage fetish?  Yes, bondage, where Brittany Daniel gets tied up and harrased and humiliated, until she gives her dom the safety word.

Here we have Brittany dressed up in sexy black lingerie and tied up with some ropes.  Maybe some suspension comes next, because rope bondage is usually followed by some suspension from the ceiling on hooks.  Then she should be further humiliated by her master while she’s suspended or until he cums!  But then bondage sometimes doesn’t have to be overtly about sex.  It’s more about control, and I’d love to be in control of this hot blonde!

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