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Brittany Daniel and her luscious twin peaks

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

It’s not just an equally yummy and gorgeous twin sister which Brittany Daniel has, she also owns a pair of huge breasts that will make those groggy dicks stiffen and protest for some good fuck. These photos clearly show how rich her tits are with whatever stuff’s inside them and they sure look like they can suffocate your sorry fugly face if you force it in between. These big exteriors with those yummy nips are perfect for a lot of squeezin’ and sucking. And we love to watch them sway like giant melons ready to crack once you hit them with your steel-hard rods! If I could turn back time and be a kid again, I swear I’d think these juicy mounds are water balloons that I can actually puncture with my hungry young dick. What am I sayin’?! They still do look like water balloons now except that I don’t want to puncture them – I’ll make them fucking happy by playing with them with my tongue and some hand tricks here and there. Maybe I can do a little magic too and make them disappear inside my mouth. Or… hmmm… make my dick disappear between them ‘til this bitch gets some steamy load of cum on her sweet face.

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